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it's time for change.

Here’s what I’ll deliver as your full-time, fully committed Labour MP for Broxbourne.

  • Access to a local GP or dentist

  • Lower energy bills

  • Safer streets

  • A free breakfast club for all of our primary schools

Meet Catherine

I'm a charity CEO with decades of experience of fighting injustice  and improving peoples lives. This constituency is a very special place to me. Although I grew up in Dorset; my dad was born in Broxbourne and grew up in a Hoddesdon council house. My mum lived in Cheshunt. My grandad worked on Hoddesdon Market and ran the old British Legion Club on Esdaile Lane. 

Broxbourne deserves an MP who understands what working people need.


Join me and pledge your support.

Thanks for pledging your support.

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